Say goodbye to messy liquids and toxic chemicals for good! The great minds here at Effin Clean are proud to present the future of glass cleaning.
Effin Clean is a non-toxic, non-abrasive powdered cleaner, scientifically engineered to harness the cleansing power of effervescent bubbles. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it's great for any piece in your collection! Inline diffusers, shower head percs, it doesn’t matter!
Just fill your piece to the desired level with fresh water, drop in Effin Clean via the mouthpiece or down stem, and then sit back and watch the magic bubbles scrub your glass or acrylic to a shine. Never take a dirty it again! clean it like you mean it. With Effin Clean.
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Water Pipes

water pipe cleaning
Cleans your water pipe without the need for vigorous shaking, scrubbing, smelly or toxic chemicals, or special equipment.

Hand Pipes

If you smoke hand pipes—spoons, sherlocks, bats, it doesn’t matter—Effin Clean is easy to use and effective.

How to Clean Vaporizers

How to Clean Vaporizers
Effin Clean is the only pipe cleanser available that will also work on your vaporizer!

How to Clean Hookahs

How to Clean Hookahs
Effin Clean is great for hookahs because it doesn’t strip the finish on metal parts, and it won’t leave nasty smells on the ceramic bowl.